Want to keep up with the latest in food, exercise, and fashion? The Three VBs are here to serve!

Who are the Three VBs?
We are three cousins, completely different in our own ways, but each of us with a major interest in upgrading healthstyles and creative living. That’s why we decided to start this, what better way to pool and share our knowledge and enthusiasm than to start blogging!

From interest to profession.
We have been lucky enough to translate this interest into our profession.
Evelien is a fully qualified practicing physiotherapist and a proud new mommy, Lisanne is finishing her Masters and is certainly the most fashionable of the three, and Sam is currently working her way through a PhD involving the development and evaluation of a novel weight management intervention.

Why Mind, Body, and Fashion Soul?
This blog is dedicated to helping others learn the skills of introducing sustainable changes, share their own experiences and promote upgraded healthy and creative lifestyles.

We started this to enhance our combined knowledge of health research and our interest in fashion. As with fashion, health research is a fast moving field and with this blog we aim to maintain a record of it in one place. As you can probably tell, we are very new at this, and therefore ask you to bear with us while we settle in and try to find out “blogging feet”. We would love for this to be an evolving interactive blog and would therefore appreciate any feedback you may have.

Want to find out more about us? Feel free to get in touch via our contacts page.

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Thanks very much for visiting our blog! We hope you enjoy it and see you again soon!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting! I like how you all have a part giving different views and advice! Found you through the Big Dream Community. I want to invite you to follow my blogging journey<3

    (Looking forward to browsing your blog more!)


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