Two Ingredient Pancakes

As a Dutchie I love my pancakes and therefore as a Dutchie in England I am totally looking forward to pancake day (You guys have a whole day dedicated to pancakes? Why didn’t we think of that?!? maybe because having pancakes in any other way than breakfast or dessert only is not uncommon in NL). This year Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday falls on Feb 9th. Not much longer to go… oh the excitement!!

Trying to be healthier I thought I would give those two ingredient pancakes a go. I’m sure everyone has probably noticed these doing their rounds on the internet. I wanted to know what all the fuss is about ~ Pancakes without flour? say what now? I gave it a go and here is how I got on.

First things first. What is actually needed?

Ingredient number one: 1 (medium to large sized) banana
Ingredient number two: two eggs


I chopped the banana into small chunks and added them to a jug. Then I cracked the two eggs into the jug as well and started mushing it all together. I say mushing as mixing doesn’t provide an accurate enough description of the action. Unfortunately, my mushing/mixing method was still leaving large chunks instead of ending up in a nice smooth substance so I resorted to cheating and added the mushed up mix to my cooks smoothie blender and whizzed it around in that for a bit ~ Perfectomundo!

Now I had my elegantly smooth looking mixture ~ granted it really does look a lot like pancake mix, almost prettier even ~ and was ready to start heating up the frying pan using some coconut oil. Once the oil was clear (no longer white and solid) I added the mixture to the frying pan. I had read online that it’s easiest for flipping if you keep the pancakes quite small. Obviously as an experienced Dutch pancake flipper I was tempted to just do it my way, buuuut in the end decided to follow the advice for this first time round. So I had two small pancakes in the pan.


After a little while they started fluffing up a bit (so cute) and I resisted the urge to check whether the undeneath was ready yet. First pancakes always take a little longer. Once the sides looked like they were firming up I grabbed my thin spatula to see if they were ready for flipping… There goes my perfectly round pancake, butchered sides to slide the spatula underneath it (Ugh!). Fine, ready for flipping. Now how on earth is this spatula going to slide any further? First pancake flopped over in a pile of mush! Second one tore into two pieces. So now I had two butchered pancakes. Once done, and wrangled onto a plate I started my next two. It’s ok! This often happens on the first pancake, this second will be better. Which is was, just. These things really do not like to be touched or flipped. SO MUCH EFFORT!! It’s not like they stick to the pan or anything, it is just really difficult to slide the spatula underneath it as the part that sits on the spatula doesn’t slide any further.

After all the cursing and flipping I finally ended up with a stack of what we could only just about describe as pancakes and sat down thinking: “These had better be worth it.”


I topped them with a drizzle of honey and slid my knife through the top all the way down. As I took my first bite all that flipping frustration ebbed away while the most soft and fluffy sensation of a banana explosion took over. Such a clear taste of banana in a pancake that feels more like a cloud than anything I have tasted before. No flour, so “healthier” (as healthy as pancakes could go) than normal pancakes and most definitely worth the hassle it took to create them!

Have a go and let us know what you think and how you got on 😉

❤ Sam











3 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Pancakes

    1. Thanks Nena, its really easy to whip up in a blender. They are pretty difficult to flip though. But they are super scrumptious 😀 Let us know how you get on when you try them out 🙂

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