Travel Healthy

Sticking to your health goals on a day-to-day basis can be a challenge in itself. When you are travelling or on holiday – beit vacay or staycay – saying no to ice cream or pain au chocolate, or gratin fraise, seems to feel like even more of an unfair task than it would otherwise. Luckily there are ways of staying healthy even when you are trying to live it up large for that Sun-soaked week or two.

Pack smart!
I made sure to bring my cutest and brightest workout gear. So when I see the colourful tops and runners in the French morning sun I’ll get that otherwise missing motivation to get out and about to explore the French countryside on a run.


Use that water.
When I was little I couldn’t understand why the “old ladies” (anything above 20 for a 5-year-old is… old) were just paddling about from one end of the swimming pool to the other, over… and over… and over. A swimming pool was for jumping in, climbing out, running around, jumping in again, splashing, diving for toys, and thrashing around in. Lanes and lengths?!?… 5-year-old me got loads of healthy exercise during the summer holidays. Now, the jumping, diving, and thrashing would be socially “frowned upon” – unless you have a kid, then you are excused – So lengths it is! This holiday I gave myself a challenge: to swim 10 more lengths than the day before – Yes, I am sore.

Up the Explore.
Use your legs and go sight-seeing at a pace. Try to challenge yourself on one or some of your sight-seeing days not to resort to the slow-tourist stroll. Want to have a proper look at something? Stand still… gawk – take a selfie – and set off again.

Always squat. No matter what. Eventhough you can’t have your legday in the gym this week, try adding a few reps before going to bed and when you get up. I found doing my squats while brushing my teeth was quite a handy time saver.


Don’t you just love how cheap fruit is abroad? Watermelon, granola, and yoghurt for breakfast? Who needs a pain au chocolat??

Stay hydrated.
If you are a sun worshiper and are tanning yourself up daily, make sure you drink plenty of water – more than the usual 2 liters. You are losing a lot of water spending so much time in the heat.

Protect your skin.
It always saddens me to see people sitting in the full-blaring sun with brown leather-like skin. Don’t want your skin to look like that? me neither! make sure you always have some sun protection ready. Creams, hats, or parasols. I always make sure I have some factor 30 – 50 if available – in my handbag and USE it, multiple times a day. You’ll still tan, you just won’t be damaging your skin.


Enjoy yourself.
You are on holiday. Relax and have fun. Want an ice cream? have one, just maybe not everyday perhaps. I love trying out local cuisine! So much culture is communicated through food, so I make sure I try things. In summer I enjoy long evenings at a table, but I make sure that what ever I eat, or drink, it’s in moderation. Small portions means I try plenty of new things without feeling guilty for doing so.

Hope these little tips will help you on your travels as they have helped me. If you have any other handy Travel Healthy tips,  leave them in the comments, we’d love to hear/see them.

❤ Sam


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