Energies from beneath your feet

One of my inner pleasures during yoga is the initial wind down and ‘grounding’. I know grounded is a term that yoga teachers tend to throw around too much, making it lose its emphasis. Along with the remarks of bringing up the energies from the earth beneath your feet, that some might just consider as airy fairy hippy speak. But…to me, those minutes of really slowing down and connecting with the earth, makes me notice my body a lot more – the tension in my muscles, the position of my head and torso. The sensation of the overall posture becomes heightened in preparation for the yoga flow sequences. Grounding offers the opportunity to shake off the stresses from work, commitments, and life in general, redirecting tense energy so you can ease your mind and body.

There are many yoga sequences to ‘get grounded’ but I find the simplest and most effective is mountain pose. Which truly works on connecting to the ground beneath your feet.

Screenshot 2015-08-14 16.18.21

Mountain pose 

In standing position:

1. Move your feet together, base of the big toes touching and heels slightly apart. If this feels awkward just move your feet parallel hip width apart.

2. Keep your knees soft, with a slight bend, and tuck your tailbone slightly under (NOT too much!).

3. Shoulders away from the ears, long neck and chin tucked in so the crown of your head faces upward rather than back.

4. Keep your collarbones broad, moving your shoulder blades together, but not squeezed.

5. Keeping your arms soft at the sides rock gently forward towards your toes, but don’t lose your balance.

6. Rock back towards your heels, lift and spread your toes and balls of the feet and gently lay them back down.

7. Rock back and forth, from side to side.

8. Reduce the intensity of this swaying motion until you are at standstill above your instep and your weight is evenly distributed on the feet.

Mountain pose is the foundation for standing yoga poses and getting the alignment right prepares you for your yoga sequences. If you are new to yoga, but like to know more, head on over to DoYouYoga.com they have an awesome Starter Kit with useful instruction videos.

❤ Sam

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.”


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