Recovery Shake – no powder required!

Just mastered a big session in the gym? Crushed those crunches?? Beasted your leg day??? I’m certain you’re feeling immensely satisfied with that slight soreness in your muscles – no pain no gain right? Yet, in the back of your mind you’re already dreading tomorrow… The ‘dreaded’ day after…

As our lovely Sean Bean quite rightly remarks:


Worry no longer! I had a major obsession with leg days – Yes I loved them, squat rack all the way! – but hated that it meant factoring in two rest days in a row afterwards. So I turned towards one of my lovely PT friends for help.

She pointed me towards Recovery Shake.  Now, before you run away screaming, I am not talking about bland tasting powdered shakes. My favourite one is actually served up in the form of  a green smoothie. The alkalyzing ingredients reduce inflammation and help the muscles recover faster. The shake is also full of natural electrolytes that will replenish your body after your heavy sweating session! Best of all, no powders are used during the making of one of these shakes. Of course, if you do use protein supplements, add a scoop to the shake so you don’t have to drink two separate shakes… you’ll be on a peepee mission afterwards otherwise.

sure you drink your recovery blend within twenty minutes post work-out, this is when your body will require the nutrients. You may find that the shake is a bit… well… bitty! Especially if you are using curly kale, so make sure to cut out the tough stems as these will not blend smoothly. If it is still too bitty, and you just can’t get used to the crunch when drinking – I gave up and am now used to it – press the smoothie through a sieve before taking it to the gym. You can find the ingredients below, add them all together in a blender and whizz away!

Bottom’s up!

❤ Sam



1 handful kale
1 handful spinach
1/2 avocado
1 handful frozen berries
1 cup almond milk (add more if you feel the shake is a bit too thick).


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