Step goal “achieved”

Last weekend I spent a lurvely weekend in the big smoke! Landaaaan taaawn was -as ever- very hospitable and the gorgeous sunshine made everyone look like they were riding on rainbows and unicorns.

I don’t tend to go to London very often even though I’m only about 2.5 hours away. When I do end up going, I make it a treat – visit my friends and make sure I do something new every single time. This time I had to go up to renew my passport – darn expensive things that are ‘oh so necessary’ both if you want to see the world and if you are one of those immigrants the locals love to hate (eventhough they don’t always seem to realise you are one of them). London isn’t a cheap place to go to, but my friend and I were prepared! We ‘part planned’ our trip, to have a good (yet affordable) time, whilst still allowing for random acts of enjoyment.

First thing we did was look up a fun and convenient place to stay. I stayed with a London-based friend the first night. It’s always fun staying with friends as they love showing me their local hang outs. This way you get to see London in a way tourists don’t tend to. The second day I met up with my friend who was travelling down to meet me there. We had booked accommodation via AirBnB – if you haven’t used it yet, check it out! it is an awesome way of staying in the most convenient and awesome places! We stayed on a narrow-boat on the canals near Royal Oak. Couldn’t have been a more ‘picture perfect’ place if we tried. We had also checked out Groupon to see if there was something fun and random we could do for our Saturday Night. Groupon did not disappoint! We ended up going for cocktails near Covent Garden, followed by dinner with a burlesque show at Proud Cabaret in the Stables in Camden Town.


On Sunday, waking up on the water we packed our bags, and had a lovely breakfast alongside the canal before setting off in search of a Santander bicycle station – what a great way of getting around in London. You spend two pounds to be able to use the bikes, then everytime you use if for half an hour it is free. If you use it longer than the initial 30 minutes you pay 2 pounds for every additional half an hour. There are so many bike stations around London, so all you have to do is just stop at the next station park up the bike within the free 30 minutes, wait for 5 minutes, and take it out again for your next free 30 minutes. We did have to pay an additional 2 pounds as we went over our 30 minutes once, near Oxford Street – we read the map wrong and couldn’t find the bike station in time. We also walked loads! I near doubled my step goal on three consecutive day! My feet were really sore. Blimmin’ swollen sausage feet by the end of the weekend – wearing Flipflops the whole time probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas.


In any case, it was an awesome weekend! Stepped the calories I ate additionally and danced the night away!

❤ Sam


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