5 things not to 5k

When preparing for an event it is always helpful to browse around online for tips in getting you ready – Hence our previous post. Yet after posting 5 things to 5k I felt like I had left something out. I just couldn’t figure out what other tips I thought could be helpful in preparation for a race event. Until someone told me about things they were going to do for their fun run, and I thought to myself – No, you really don’t want to do that.

So in addition to our 5things to 5k, here is our 5things NOT to 5k

1. Running in white leggings
Now of course wearing white seems like the logical choice if you are doing a colour run. You want all the colour dust to show up nicely on your running gear. What you maybe don’t know yet, until you actual see someone walking or running in white leggings is that you can see… everything! I couldn’t think of anything worse – yes I know I am exaggerating – when I am running I know and feel all my jiggly bits! Now do we really want to broadcast those bits, while pounding the pavement, to the rest of the world? I should think not! If you want to have a keep sake from the run, where a white t-shirt. That should be enough right?

2. Keeping an eye on the time
There is no easier way to make time move more slowly than constantly checking the time.


If you want to get your run over and done with. Just keep running and check your time at the end of your run. If you want to keep your pace in check, get your watch/ phone beep in intervals so you can check the time whenever it beeps. Similarly, if you want to do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) run, there are great apps out there that can help you with your timings and notify you when your set has finished. I use the HIIT interval training timer for android phones. It’s super easy to use and you can set your own timings for prep, work, rest, and cool down.

3. Don’t dress to warmly
Everyone has probably seen the below quote float around on the interwebz, and on cold days we seem to think we should dress warmly – running gloves, jacket, earmuffs at the ready –

But, what we often tend to forget is how our bodies warm up during our run. There have been many a runs where I got frustrated with feeling overheated, carrying my headband and gloves in my hands and running with an open jacket – cue the flapping sides which is just as annoying. There is a real balance between dressing warm enough for a winter’s run and dressing too warmly. I find that a thin jacket that has the thumb holes and full leggings is warm enough for me. Although cold at the start, you soon enough heat up anyway. If you are still cold, you could always trying to up your pace and work a little bit harder. That should get you warm in no time.

4. Don’t eat a big heavy meal before your run
Ugh! this is something that can stop me from going on a run. My boyfriend is always very hungry when I comes home from work and wants dinner straight away (yes he grew up with 5/5.30 dinner on the table). If we have a run scheduled, I just cannot do this. I can’t run with a stomach full of food. It makes me feel sick, you can actually feel the food moving up and down during your run. It’s may put extra stress on your system while you exercise. However, after a long day at work it is understandable that you do need some sustenance before heading out for your run. So instead ofhaving your full dinner, grab a light easily digestible snack.

5. Don’t ignore pain
Running is inevitably paired with a few niggles. Blisters, sore muscles, chaffing… unfortunately this just comes with the territory and are things you can deal with, but also prevent from happening. Pain on the other hand is something that should not be brushed under the carpet. It is your body telling you that something is wrong. There are runners who might think they are invincible and disregard the pain they feel. Yet the danger of doing this is that it may result in an injury which will require a longer break from running than if a rest period had been used in the earlier stages. Running on will only make things worse.

Any other things that you should not do?

❤ Sam


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