Review: The Bootcamp by Kayla Itsines in Amsterdam

Hi guys!

So I’ve already told you in my previous post that I was following the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines next to my other workout routines. I really like her guides, so when I heard she was coming to Amsterdam for the Glamour Health Challenge, I just had to be there! I will tell you about my experience of this amazing day, I hope you like it.

Glamour Health Challenge June 6th 2015.

Kayla Itsines, the Instafamous trainer from Australia, decided to have a worldtour with her bootcamp. She started in Amsterdam, which means I could easily go there! The location was Jaap Eden IJsbaan, which is actually an icetrack, but there was a large grass court as well. All the fit girls brought their own yoga mat with them, and all took place in the grass.

Me and my friends arrived at 11.45 AM, a little later than we planned, but still in time for a little yoga session by yoga teacher Wilma Werkheim. It was pretty amazing to see thousands of girls doing the same yoga poses.

After the yoga session there was some time to look around the place, as there was a break of an hour. There was a “Health Market” with many stands with food, clothes and health-related books. Unfortunately, it was all a bit pricy.

Then it was finally time for the bootcamp by Kayla Itsines! I thought it was pretty amazing to see her in real life and I think she came across as very sweet. She even brought her boyfriend Toby along with her. Here you can see the whole bootcamp, so if you want you can try it out yourself as well. You really should if you want that bikini body :).

During the training I felt it was pretty hardcore, and it didn’t really help that the sun was really burning (I even got a bit sunburned on my shoulders, even though I really put some sunlotion on there). But I really enjoyed it, as I like a good work out! Even though there were a lot of girls, Kayla still really tried to make sure every one was participating (she threatened us that we had to do burpees if we weren’t trying our best ;)). The exercises we did were starjumps, burpees, (jump) squats, ab bikes, mountain climbers, X-jumps, jump lunges, push-ups and planking. It was pretty intense! But after I was done, I was like; that wasn’t so bad (with a very red face and sweaty all over the place).

After the bootcamp there was a meet and greet with Kayla, which is pretty amazing! She was so very patient, so almost everyone got a picture with her :). Here you can see a picture of Kayla and I.


I really had an amazing time, mostly because of the workout by Kayla. She really seemed sincere and sweet, and the workout kicked some ass. So if you girls have a chance to meet Kayla and go to her bootcamp; you should! Currently she is in London, what a boring life she leads ;).

XXX Lisanne


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