Colour Me Crazy!

The neon army took off with an excited buzz on Saturday for a 5k run at night all in aid of Hospiscare.

The atmosphere was electric! We were glowing all the way, cheered on by spectators, covered in colour dust by event volunteers, and cleansed by the occasional drops of rain. My group was quite nervous to start of with. We all thought we would be walking most of it and I had managed to enlist someone to fireman carry me, if deemed necessary  – none of us really trained for the event, stupid is, as stupid does. But when we were all siked up by the warm up, we left the start line with a roar of laughter and cheers and managed to finish the run in a decent time (around 30 minutes on average). What we didn’t realise was that it was actually quite hard to run much faster, as the road was filled with glowing and cheering neon fairies –other runners. So you just kind of ran along with the pack.

The first hit of colour came by surprise, I saw the dust flecks in the distance, but didn’t quite realise there was someone right next to me throwing colour as well! Yummi – tip for if you are ever doing one of these runs… keep your mouth closed! I had to slow down a bit to catch  my breath, and was overtaken by a little kiddo and we were all cheering him on. Man that kid is fitter than I am.

Along the way I met some very friendly ladies who managed to raise about £200 for Hospiscare and some guys in tights and tutus, why didn’t I think of that! When we were nearing the finish line little drops of rain were starting to wash away the paint from my arms, legs, and face and I welcomed the cooling effect as my face felt more like a sweaty beetroot than a ladies face! The finish was on top of a steep hill –thanks for that! My mind was telling me to just walk it, but the cheers of all the spectators cheered me on and lifted me up that hill.

Afterwards there was food, music, disco lights and fun! My group found each other – which was pretty darn hard as everyone looked the same – and had a well deserved celebratory pint! We managed to raise a collective £235 and are still raising funds, so if you are feeling generous head on over to our justgivingpage


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