5 Tips to Tone it Up!

Hi everyone!

I haven’t introduced myself properly yet, since I’ve been working on my Masters Thesis! Luckily, I’ve just finished the first draft, which means I finally have some time to start blogging and writing for fun. First things first, I want to tell you a little about myself: my name is Lisanne, I am  24 years old and a currently a Communications student. I really love working out! But mostly because I hate how it feels when I’m not regularly active enough. At the moment I go to kickboxing classes, XCO (extreme core workout), & Pilates at my gym. I go on regular runs and now also run with my sister Evelien to help her with her next challenge: her first 5K run. This means that at least one day a week I end up running with her. I must say, I’m very very proud of her, she is doing a tremendous job. I have also started doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide… AGAIN (this is like, the third time I’ve started from the beginning, and never actually finished it).

It’s only a few weeks until summer starts, Eeek! Since I have been struggling with toning up, even though I work out plenty. I still notice that my abs are not always showing – I say “not always” as sometimes they do appear, but disappear just as fast ;). I really want to get rid of that little layer of fat that’s always covering my tummy and arms.So, I’ve looked up some tips online and I have made a nice little list that might help me, and everyone interested. Right, that’s enough about me for now. You can check out the top 5 tips on becoming more toned below (Show those abs!!)

TIP 1. Work out (yes you HAVE to) I know it sounds overly obvious, but it still needs to be mentioned. You have to workout/exercise. Just take it from king Julian he likes to “move it move it!” Go for a run, go to the gym, do exercises at home… If you really want that bikini bod, I recommend using the guide by Kayla Itsines. It really does work. Although I personally have never made it further than week 7, as I like taking classes at my gym just that little bit more and therefore ran out of time in the week – I know, sorry for the lame excuses 😉 – but I already saw improvements. That’s why I’ve started yet again! You can ask me questions about the Bikini Body Guide below (or about kickboxing, Pilates or XCO)

Tip on how to keep it up: I think it is very important to keep a regular work-out schedule, otherwise it’s hard to keep it up (even for girls like me who actually like going to the gym!). So decide on some regular days that you go to the gym (or for a run etc. etc.). If every week is different for you in terms of commitments, trying creating an exercise schedule at the beginning of every week. Pick one evening in your week, where you decide on your work-out schedule for the coming week. Be consistent, use the same day to sort out your weekly schedule, and the scheduling itself will become part of the schedule and habit.

TIP 2. Change your workout, now and then! This tip may not account for everyone, but some people keep doing the same workout for a very long period (click herehere and here for more in depth information :)). Your body just adapts to the routine, meaning that after doing the same for a long time, it’s less challenging and less effective. I don’t mean changing your routine every week, and there is no time limit to your routine. If what you are doing works, keep it going! But if you notice you are not seeing any progress, then you’ll know; time for something new ;).

TIP 3. Eat Healthy Again, this is pretty obvious. However, a lot of people think that if they work out, they can eat whatever they want. Hey, I don’t blame you! I loooove food. But, if you really want to show some muscle – get rid of that layer of fat- you need to consider what you put into that tummy. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your dinner in a healthy way. Pinterest for one, is full of them.

Very important: Don’t stop eating. You need those calories to keep your metabolism working. Just make sure the food you eat is high in nutrients and low in salt, fat, and sugar so the easiest way of achieving this is bykeeping away from processed food and cooking from scratch. Although cooking may sound daunting, the internet is filled with healthy easy family meals. . To send you on your way, just have a look here for some tips using quality food.

TIP 4. Stay Hydrated! Your muscles need water – they get thirsty!! -Hydration is the key, as they consist out of 70-80% water. In order to increase your muscle mass, it’s important to drink enough water. Dehydration can even lead to muscle breakdown. Plus, water is great for your skin, so that’s a bonus!

TIP 5. DON’T STRESS Stress can elevate the hormone cortisol.This hormone is involved in the storing of your fat and diminishing of muscle mass. So, relax …take your time. Have some fun with friends, get enough sleep, stretch, take Yoga or Pilates classes…. Don’t let life take over.

Well, that’s it from me for today! Hope I’ve helped broaden your knowledge a tad bit. Keep checking back as I’ll keep you posted about workouts, healthy meals, and many more! XX Lisanne


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