In the Run Up…

Today was the day: The day I ran 5K. Not the actual 5k race yet… but my training, and the first time I actually ran. Practice makes perfect, right?

It took me 47 minutes and lots of walking… Lots of cussing and swearing. And plenty of nudging from my fellow running buddy Emma. Yeesz, to think just last year I used to skate 25K almost effortlessly…

This whole baby thing really quite got to my body. Plus, the exercising is no longer a habit. Unfortunately my pregnancy wasn’t all that comfortable and straightforward. Pretty early on in my pregnancy I was told I was no longer allowed to exercise, or work, or indeed move at all.

Bed rest may sound nice and comfortable, but it gets boring – and rather a bit of a nuisance – real quickly

So because I was no longer allowed to do anything, all the habits went straight out of the window. As you probably well know, the thing with habits is, you tend to do them with a certain frequency in its corresponding situation. So to get these habits back you need to start linking behavioural responses to contexts and that takes time, effort, and willpower!

I’m not quite there yet… this whole running malarkey isn’t quite a habit of mine yet… But each time I run it contributes to that frequency. I intend to make it a good well-ingrained habit, but only time will tell…



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