The title of this post is really kind of missing one particular word:


and that’s where you come in! I’m hoping that with me writing and you reading and commenting on this blog, that it will keep me motivated on my journey to become a hopefully-soon-to-be-fit-mommy… and hopefully (there we have that word again) I’ll motivate you along your way too.

Not much of an altruistic move right?  Right. Sorry. But in all honesty, you’re not reading this to motivate me either right? You’re here to get some motivation out of it too if I’m not mistaken. Right. Apology accepted.

So let’s start… I weigh far too much. I can no longer attribute this excess weight to it being babyfat. I am fully aware that there were way more sweets involved than there were babies… Oh and chips /fries, lots and lots of fries. For some reason, I just love them and ever since my pregnancy I’ve craved them. And then there’s the exercise issue. or lack off

I feel terrible! So in order to get off my butt and actually start moving again (rather than just writing about stuff) I’ve entered a 5K run. Ow-my-gosh. I’m exhausted already just thinking about it.

If you have any tips to get rid of baby weight and get back into the swing of things, please comment below… always looking for more help!


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