Have you ever seen those inspirational Yogi’s on instagram? Double bent, head standing, pretzel folding goddesses the lot of them… so I made the only logical conclusion possible that; “If I do yoga, I must end up looking like too, right?”

So in my freshly-inspired wide-eyed moment of motivation, I started browsing the net for some online yoga classes and found out that was providing a free Yoga for Beginners Starter Kit. (It was like the whole universe was just telling me that it wanted me to do yoga!) So obviously I signed up and eagerly awaited the first session to come available online.

Being a total noob I didn’t own a yoga mat, but thought I would be just fine on the carpet. If there is one thing I learned from my first week’s worth of lessons it’s that a yoga mat is essential! My noob status was translated into carpet burns, bruised ankles, and strained foot muscles (muscles I had never ever been aware of before) for trying not to slide out of Warrior Two.

The Starter Kit has also taught me what to wear to yoga class (or more like what NOT to wear). It isn’t until you are in downward dog and your boyfriend walks in the room upon which he bursts out in manic laughter, that you realise: those old jazzpants should probably have ended up in the bin several centuries ago. (See through yoga pants! The struggle is real!!)

I have now been going to yoga classes 3 days a week and am totes loving it. Although I have realised that I can’t even do treepose right (I simply can’t keep my leg high up my inner thigh without holding on to it) I am most definitely loving the universe for nudging me towards yoga.  

My favourite yoga poses? Child poses (Relax!), corpse (ZZzzz!), dancer , and Warrior Two! (For such a peace, love and happiness way of life, why are there so many warriors?)

If you are interested in giving yoga a try, but aren’t confident enough to go to a class, have a go at home with the Starter Kit (Link above). Kristin McGee was great and I promise you’ll end up jigging to the closing down tune eve-ry time!


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